Planet's Core is a 2D Platforming game where the player must survive to the core of every planet.

As you fly through space, you are told a tale of defeat, a tale of sorrow, and tale of your insignificance. 

You are one of many who have tried to survive their way through space and find reason in your existence.

Will you discover a path to understanding your purpose? or will you fall victim of the worlds you inhabit?

Only time will tell if you can find the meaning within the Planet's Core.

Planet's Core is an experience inspired by classic console games, old sci-fi films and gravity.

Currently Active in development; Release Date: Spring 2014

Currently Includes:

  • 1 Planet
  • Audio
  • Gameplay
  • Gravity
  • Ore
  • Dead Robots


  • W A S D - Explore


  • Explore
  • Find Core
  • Close when finished exploring.


It's a game, play it.

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This game is undergoing active development, 

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The Game will be continually updated so please check back...

Contact one of the following twitter users about the game:

@2bitENT ( is our Company Twitter, contact us on there for any issues, we check it. )

@2bitDEV ( is our Developer Twitter for people who want to talk about making games. <-- It's not updated by @EDDnorris Enough )

@PlanetsCore ( is our Game's twitter for anyone who wants to talk to the game. It's kind of a short with humans.)

Or email